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What is GSM-R

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GSM-R is the Global Systems from Mobile Communications - Railway. It is based on the GSM standard which is the standard used for all non 3G mobile phones.

GSM-R in conjunction with ETCS (European Train Control System) is part of the new European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) standard and is the medium for voice and data transmission between train and signaller.

The specifications were finalised in 2000, based on the EU funded MORANE (Mobile Radio for Railways Networks in Europe) Project, The specification is being maintained by the UIC. The specifications are also there to ensure " interoperability", so that once fitted the train can theoretically run anywhere within the EU.

GSM-R has been selected by 38 countries across the world including all member states of the EU, and countries in Asia, and Northern Africa.

GSM-R In the UK

Transys Projects are supporting Siemens STS for many major work packages. GSM-R is to replace two exisiting analogue Radio Systems (CSR and NRN) which are now life expired.

There is pressure to use the CRN and NRN frequencies for other applications and GSM-R will provide a significant improvement in the quality of voice and data communications.

The ETCS / ERTMS systems currently being fitted to Class 158 by Ansaldo have the GSM-R data radio within its system. TPL have installed the prototype GSM-R voice radio for ESG, as well as to the Class 37 Locomotives under contract to Ansaldo STS.

Network Rail (NR) are funding and implementing the project. Installing 2000 new radio masts and base stations which are arranged at 3 to 4km distance apart to give the required level of coverage and redundancy. In addition to the radio development and supply contract , NR have contracted the supply and installation of the Strathclyde Pilot Trail vehicle and one unit of each Class(First of Class of the UK Fleet) to Siemens Transportation (STS). In turn Transys Projects are the key suppliers to Siemens for the design, installation material and installation of GSM-R.


What is involved in Installation

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Siemens GSM-Radios are installed in various places dependent on where space still exists such as under seat, rear bulkhead, luggage rack or roof space but rarely in the cab desk itself.  This is where the handset and Drivers Control Panel are mounted.

Installations are either Dual, ie the existing Radio remains and you can select either system on demand, or exchange fit.

Antennas are typically of the roof mounted shark fin type.

The substantial nature of this equipment is apparent in these pictures.

There are some 20 to 30 ways from the back of each radio all requiring looming and termination in the cab to assure radio functionality, to power supply, to UPS.

Ultimate interface to ETCS and OTMR will require further wiring.

The Equipment


Seimens Antenna Siemens Antenna - Class 350
Siemens Cab Radio Siemens Cab Radio
Siemens Driver Control Panel Simens Driver Control Panel - Class 390
Siemens Handset Siemens Handset - Class 390
Siemens UPS Siemens UPS - Class 322


What we Offer

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The proven ability to design and install both GSM-R and ERTMS systems.

Installation of all interfacing materials and radios to Operator’s fleets as a single point turnkey project.

Train Ready fitment ie all items fitted in readiness EXCEPT for the radio itself.

Minimisation of downtime by using expert teams accustomed to the installation of GSM-R.

A materials team accustomed to providing low and high volume bespoke kits of parts

Long term warranty Support

A service that requires very little management by clients as our teams are supported by a RISAS approved company and the systems that would be expected of a proven supplier for GSM-R design, interfacing materials and installation.


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